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In the coming year the focus for Caboolture East State School is curriculum and pedagogy. As we continue the journey as a National Partnership School, the 4 year strategic plan has provided us with the opportunity to engage extra quality human resources that will enable us to provide and improve practices, ensuring that student learning outcomes will continue to improve. Consistency of teaching practice in every classroom is required with a focus on the teaching of numeracy, literacy and science, intellectual rigour and the integration of ICT’s. This enables us to engage, relevant and exciting learning opportunities that focus on the positive aspects of the learner’s needs.

Key priorities

  • develop a whole school pedagogical approach, improving school literacy and numeracy academic results - focus on key learning and teaching practices essential to an effective learning community focussed on three learning junctures with support, mentoring and clear expectations on planning and assessment.
  • develop a whole school approach to teaching english, maths and science – by developing staff expertise to create an aligned and consistent curriculum that will engage students and challenge teachers to deliver a high quality curriculum that meets the needs of the 21st century learner.
  • personalised learning for students using ICT and meeting the needs of the 21st century learner - implement student ict expectations and features of elearning to whole school pedagogical practice along with creating flexible learning spaces that reflect elearning principles.
  • improving capacity to track student progress across the school – through building staff capability to analyse and reflect on all school data with the purpose to inform curriculum programs and pedagogical choices for all students.
  • improving attendance and reducing mobility through student engagement - enhanced teacher/parent connections through a new improved enrolment process involving key personnel. Process will involve rapid responses to poor attendance and community liaison support. Provision of extension and support programs to challenge students and build social capital.
  • closing the gap for students in all target groups – improve the capacity of our indigenous community with quality staff providing cultural and academic support striving to close the gap for kids in care, students with disabilities and pacifica students.
  • improving school culture and pride through the arts and sport – to raise the image of the school within the local and wider communities by fostering positive partnerships with key community stakeholders. Provide opportunities to encourage creativity and extension opportunities in the arts and sports to cultivate pride in the school community.
  • building leadership capacity - develop leadership capacity of staff through direct mentoring, per and instructional coaching, dedicated professional development and the use of the developing performance framework.
  • staff wellbeing - improve staff performance, resilience and morale by significantly reducing anxiety and stress, enhancing energy levels and health.