Students with a disability


Welcome to Caboolture East State School special education program (SEP) for prep to year 6. This SEP is part of the primary school and caters for students who have been verified (or are awaiting verification) in the following disability categories: intellectual impairment (II), autistic spectrum disorder (ASD), speech language impairment (SLI), hearing impairment (HI), physical impairment (PI) and vision impairment (VI).

Caboolture East State School has a policy of inclusion aligned with education (general provisions) act, anti-discrimination act, disability discrimination act (1992) and the disability standards for education (2005). The special education program (SEP) is a well established program within the school environment and offers its students an extended range of options such as fine and gross motor programs, oral language program and social skills program within the school community. The special education staff and the mainstream staff have a wide range of skills, knowledge and expertise in delivery of the curriculum and this is maintained and extended through an on-going professional learning program.

The following frequently asked questions will explain our vision, how we operate and what we offer. Parents/carers are important to our success as a school and we welcome frequent communication with parents/carers.

How is the special education program set up?

The special education program office is located in block 6 which is the building closest to McCool street. The head of special education services and the office assistant are situated in this building and can be contacted on 54316111. In addition, block 6 is equipped with a home economics area which is utilised for food preparation and cooking as part of our life skills activities. A wheelchair toilet and shower is also located within this facility.

Special education teachers and teacher aides are deployed strategically throughout the school from prep years to year 6 supporting students in various classrooms.

A key feature of the special education program is our team approach involving the special education and mainstream staff in the collaborative planning, delivery and reporting of the curriculum for students.

Who will be my child’s teacher?

Students placed in the special education program in prep year to year seven are enrolled at Caboolture East State School in a mainstream class with a class teacher with additional support from a special education teacher and teacher aide. The special education teacher is the key person for leading the implementation of students’ individual learning plans (ILP).

What is an individual learning plan and what role do I have?

An individual learning plan is made up of three parts:

  1. A vision statement for the student.
  2. A student profile overview.
  3. A set of specific descriptions of the curriculum adjustments that are implemented to enable the student to maximise access, participation and benefit from the school curriculum.

Parents/carers are requested to be part of meetings in the design of individual learning plan in term one and also in term three.

What will the curriculum be for my child?

Education Queensland has mandated that all students will access the following key learning areas: English, maths, study of society and environment, science, the arts, technology, health and physical education and languages other than English. Our aim is that your child will participate in the school curriculum to maximise his/her potential outcomes.

We aspire to these ideals and look forward to the opportunity of working with you.

Last reviewed 13 March 2020
Last updated 13 March 2020